Starting at $1.58 Each for High Quality Face Shield!

Posted by Rachel Quaill on

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has required everyone to make a major shift in how we interact with others, conduct basic activities and has required us to incorporate personal protection equipment (PPE) into our daily lives. TickTalk Tech has always been a huge supporter and pioneer in creating products that keep families safe and free from harm. That is why we have created the UpShield face shield.

With many state laws going into effect requiring all individuals to wear face coverings the need for a full coverage mask that is breathable and allows for the user to have full visibility is of utmost importance. The Upshield is comfortable and has a state-of-the-art anti-fog material so that everyone will feel secure and reassured that they are safer from airborne viruses.

We are offering our shields at the lowest rate possible because we want to be a part of the solution to prevent more families from becoming infected. At a low cost of $1.58 per shield you can protect your family, employees, and/or co-workers. 

We offer wholesale bulk rates to non-profits, government organizations, corporations, and smaller orders with the option to mix and match adult and child sizes. We are able and willing to work directly with any large orders. Please note the smallest order we are accepting at this time is 1 pack of 12 pcs at $19.99 for adults and $18.99 for child size. Buy more, save more. 

We are here to work alongside you as we learn to navigate life while living with this pandemic. Stay safe and stay protected.